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Singing Psi of Beta Theta Pi

The album is a 10' phonograph record running at 33 1/3 RPM. The original recording was likely made on  magnetic tape.  Although not stereo, the mono recording was the state of the art in high fidelity recording at the time.  To preserve as much of the quality as possible, a CD quality encoding process was used to create the MP3 files.

There is no Copyright notice on the album.

singingpsi1.JPG (262193 bytes) singingpsi2.JPG (246012 bytes)
File Format:
Record Format:
128Kbps MP3
PCM 44Khz
16bit Mono CD Quality
Side 1 Side 2
  1. Kirk Avery (1.3 MB)
  2. Can We Forget (1.2 MB)
  3. Froggy Song (1.8 MB)
  4. Halls of Ivy (1.8 MB)
  5. I Took My Girl Out Walking (1.3 MB)
  6. Dragon Song (1.2 MB)
  7. Beta Lullaby (1.3 MB)
  1. Sweet Lady (0.8 MB)
  2. Night and the Fireside (1.4MB)
  3. Jerry Sweetheart (1.2 MB)
  4. I Have Found My Dream Girl (1.0 MB)
  5. Loving Cup (2.1 MB)
  6. When Stars Are Hiding (0.9 MB)
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