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Photos from the Brothers

Doug Stein '78 #1091

Bud Long '77 #1088 and Doug Stein, October 2013

Tim Redman '75 #1043

Gathering of the brothers at the Redman Household on Sunday, May 25, 2008.
Val Gundling, Ted Kaczorowski, Timo, James Joyce, Frank “Meatball” Ravella, and Rick Snyder.

Paul Lehto '84 #1228


Doug Miller '77 #1075

Lance Short '91 #1357

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Roger Furbee '95 #1133

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These are some pics from 2002 while I was stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan.  I was 1st Lieutenant then, but I am a Captain now.  CPT Furbee...that sounds a bit like a super hero, lol.  I lived in those damn tents for 6 months, nothing but winds, dirt, and port-a-johns the whole time.  Ten guys to a tent, not fun.

Val Gunding '75 #1046

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Rod Mackenzie '67 #915 (top left)
Bethany College Tennis Team Manager
Back row : Rod Mackenzie, Charley Fairbrother, (two independents)
Front row: Kirk Hunter, John 'Cricket' Leavitt, Mike Kurey (Joe's little brother), a KA, Ian Webb

Zdinak Wedding, July 20. 2002

Congratulations to brother Michael J. Zdinak on his marriage
and to brother Vince Mikolay on his solid duty as best man in the wedding.

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Brian Avolio
Mike Zdinak
Lynn Zdinak
Vince Mikolay
Dan Shrimplin
Brian Avolio

1987 At Em's After Psi Stampede

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