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Psi Alumni Meeting and Workshop
February 7, 2014 8:00AM
Leadership Center

Please find an agenda below for our one-day meeting on Friday February 7th.  This is an open meeting and all Betas are welcome to attend.   Please register so we can appropriately plan for the day.   Rooms at the Gresham House are only $65 for single and $32.50 for a double. The signup form is here.

Sven and Scott Miller are traveling Friday so they will give us an update on the college and outlook on Thursday evening at the end of our Alumni Dinner. We will have Gerry Stebbins, Dean of Students, give us an update on Greek Life over breakfast.

In general, my thought is to have some of the Actives (officers) attend breakfast and discuss areas of interest as a kick-off to our day. We will then focus on House Corp issues and plans and have some good open dialogue over lunch. Charitable Foundation status and activities will be discussed in the early afternoon, centering on current programs and future ideas and direction. My hope is that we can get some board members in town but we are planning to have a conference bridge open for interested brothers to participate so at the very least if can conference board members in that would be great.

Lastly, I wanted to have some dialogue around the future of the organization. Specifically, for the last 10 years all aspects of Psi have been dominated mostly by men from the 70s. We really need to discuss this and see how we can more actively involve others from the 80s, 90s and the 00s. They are the future and failing to plan will certainly mean a plan to fail. We have some dedicated younger men that are stepping up, we need to encourage and embrace their involvement and smoothly transition where possible to the next generation of leaders. I for one, am looking to find someone (younger person) to be ready to step into the role of leading the Psi Diamond Alumni group.

Your attendance and interest is appreciated.  Please signup here!  Thank you.

Doug Miller '77 #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association Inc.


I. Breakfast meeting with Gerry Stebbins

a. Greek Life at Bethany College

8:00 AM 1 hour
II. Overview or Meeting, Additions and Changes 9:00 AM 10 min
III. Update from Active Chapter Officers/Others

a. Current condition of House
b. Changes to housing policy

i. What is there idea of a full house
ii. How can we get there

c. Actives view of amenities
d. Wish list with thoughts and priorities
e. Potential for growth and demand on facilities

9:15 AM 1 hour
IV. Actives view of programs to support the Chapter

a. Scholarship
b. Mentoring
c. Ideas for future

10:15AM 15 min
Break 10:30AM 15 min
V. House Corporation Discussion

a. Current condition of House

i. Areas of need and priorities
ii. Estimate of Financial requirements and timing

b. Future ideas

i. Needs and why
ii. Wants and benefits
iii. Cost estimates

10:45AM 75 min
Lunch and Discussion Noon 1 hour
VI. Charitable Foundation Discussion

a. Current financial status
b. Guiding principles on funding requests
c. Current obligations

i. Bethany College
ii. Scholarship
iii. Leadership and Education
iv. Other

d. Future plans and opportunities

i. Support for the House
ii. Other programs

1:00PM 1 hour
VII. Psi Alumni Organizational Overview

a. Psi Diamond, Charitable Foundation, House Corporation
b. Advisors, Admin Team
c. Is this still the right structure?
d. How do we transition going forward?

2:00PM 45 min
Break 2:45PM 15 min
VIII. Summary, Recommendations and Action Plan 3:00PM 45 min
Wrap up and adjourn 4:00PM  
PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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Last updated: February 27, 2014