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Initiation April 2, 2006
Oxford, Ohio

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davidc.jpg (39727 bytes)David Cottington '79 #1121, Chapter Counselor
April 3, 2006


It is my pleasure to report that Psi colony is a reality. At 2 PM on April 2nd, 2006, 12 Founding Fathers were initiated at the Hall of Chapters in Oxford, Ohio.

I personally want to thank those Alumni who returned to Oxford to see the rebirth of a proud chapter of Beta Theta Pi. I can tell you, "the actives" (haven't said that word for a while) were impressed that all of you took your time to be present at the ceremony. Again, my thanks.

A seemingly insurmountable task has now been completed.  Just as the journey that took us from closing, to regrouping, to rebuilding and now to rebirth, the journey is not complete. As Chapter Counselor, I must stress how important it is to mainain the momentum that is in existence today in order for this colony to grow.  To those of you involved, stay involved. To those of that are not involved, now is the time to get involved.

The trip to Oxford, the Initiation Ceremony, the tour of the General Fraternity Administrative Office, the college campus, and the Alpha house made for a very long day. Upon arriving back to Bethany around 11:30 PM, exhausted, you could sense that DK and FHK were watching and proud of our efforts to rebuild the House that they so cherished. I can not express how proud I am to be a Beta. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put in to make this day happen. 


David Cottington


Webmaster's P.S.

Thanks to David "PH" Cottington and the team of advisors on the ground at Psi and BOII.  David, thanks for driving the bus; for stepping up to lead this historic recolonization effort.

The Recolonization Team

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