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I wanted to quickly recap several items from our Chapter Meeting at Homecoming.  We had about 25 attendees, a little lighter than normal, but great conversation.  Following are some highlights:

  • JC Rucker, the current president of the house, spoke to the group about current activities including recruiting/rush.

    The men realize that this is a critical year.
    They have 14 members and Ĺ of them will graduate this year.
    JC thanked alumni for all of the support provided.

  • Ian McNally updated the group on several of the chapter meetings that he attended; highlighting the spirit and brotherhood displayed by the group.

    Ian said that he believes it would be beneficial for alumni to attend chapter meetings to provide some much needed guidance that appears to be missing. Below is the sign up schedule for this group to review and hopefully put on their schedule. Chapter meetings are now on Tuesday nights at 7:30.

  • We had a very positive and spirited discussion regarding recruiting. We need to be outgoing to get out with the Freshman and Upperclassmen to personally meet and befriend these young men to get them to want to be an active member of Beta Theta Pi.
  • Pledge/Social dues Ė Many actives and prospective Betas have financial issues.  We donít want to create an issue with hand-outs, but if you have quality young men that have financial issues, donít hesitate to Rush them.  We will find the money for quality young men that will become great Betas.
  • A sub-group of Alumni will conference to discuss our ideas and actions that will help the young men.
  • Dean Lesiak updated the group on CF status; $1.8+ million in our account
  • Vince Mikolay was unanimously approved as the fifth member of the CF board of directors.  Congratulations Vince.
  • Ted Kaczorowski provided a house update.  

    Sam Downes has become a member of the House Corporation board of directors.  Congratulations Sam.
    Carpet installed in all bedrooms.
    Quotes to replace boilers being received.
    Status of shingled roof investigated by Ted and Sam Downes.

  • Deno Emili provided a financial update for the House Corp and Psi Diamond

    HC balance is approximately $17K, which does not include any money owed by the college for first semester rents.
    Psi Diamond balance is totally depleted.
    We have not made a formal appeal for contributions for close to two years.
    We need to publish a newsletter with an appeal as we have in the past.
    Iím asking that any members of the admin team that can make a contribution to send a check to Deno Emili at this time.  During the month ahead we will work to get a newsletter out with an appeal.

  • Follow-up on the Scholarship process for this semester and the Mentoring program. Let the men know that applications will be coming and to talk these programs up in Rush activities.
  • We also had an update on the progress at the college from Scott Miller and Sven de Jong. 

    Highest attendance, 1100 students, since 1976. 
    Financial issues plague many of the students.

We will have a meeting in the coming month to follow-up but these were the highlights. 

Key take-away's:

  • Write a check to the "Psi Diamond Association, Inc."  Send to:

    Deno P. Emili, Treasurer
    545 Clemson Drive
    Pittsburgh PA 15243

    Thank you!

  • Sign up to attend Chapter Meetings

    October 11
    October 18
    October 25
    November 1
    November 8
    November 15
    November 22
    December 6
    December 13

Bottom line is these men need our help and guidance.  Please do whatever you can to support them and Psi Chapter.

Doug Miller '#1075 '77
President, Psi Chapter Diamond Association, Inc.

PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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