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Homecoming 2005, October 7 - 9
Updates from the Officers | Photos

Saturday, Oct 8
Morning Chapter House Meeting Schedule
9:00 - 9:30 Charitable Foundation
9:30 - 10:00 House Corporation
10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:30 - 11:30 Psi Diamond Assoc.
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Homecoming was a great success. Over 80 Brothers returned to share Friendship and Fidelity. The Bethany Campus is buzzing with news that the Beta Chapter is returning. Rumors regarding spring rush are circulating and Go Beta buttons were a hot commodity all afternoon.

During our morning meetings, we received an update from Bethany executive leadership regarding Bethany’s effort to re-emerge as "The Small College of Distinction" that most of us remember. It must be paying off; enrollment for 2005 is up significantly.

The Psi Diamond meeting introduced initiatives for incoming Betas. Alumni mentoring, internships and financial incentives for our future Betas will help support the Men of Principle initiative and ensure a stronger House. We will have formal election of officers this Spring. There will be more information to come on these topics in the months ahead.

Doug Miller #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association


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To those who attended Homecoming, it was great to see everyone. To those who did not attend, we’ll see you ALL in the spring.

Those who stayed in the house left it in great shape.   THANK YOU!

The painting is complete. We hope all who saw it liked the new colors.

Electrical repairs are almost complete.

Rob Kolb, House Corp. member has agreed to take on the window treatment project and will collecting information, ideas and hard costs on that.

Ted Kemp has made arrangements with his former employ (ELK Air, his sons run the show, Ted is retired) to help with HVAC project. I will have my guys remove and transport the broken units to Irwin, PA for repair and/or replacement estimates. Ted will provide suggestions and costs on that once the units are checked out.

I met with Orein (the college master carpenter) yesterday to review the door project. He recommends that we purchase factory pre finished wood fire rated doors (same as we have now), replace all lock sets and cores (will match the college’s keyed system), will adjust all closers and replace the exterior metal door. Once I have his final cost we’ll do a House Corp e-mail vote on the 2 proposals we have.

Art Musicaro #1103
President, House Corporation


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Here is the list of brothers that attended the meetings.   Thanks very much to the following brothers for their participation:


Roll # Year
Doug Miller 1075 77

David Cottington

1121 79

Tim Redman

1043 75

Dean Lesiak

1033 74

Blake Rowe

1041 75

Jeff Boucek

1190 82

Scott Thompson

1108 78

Mark Hicks

994 73

Art Bertol

1176 82

Art Musicaro

1103 77

Ted Kemp

707 54

Bob Mackenzie

1071 77

George Hanlon

1085 77

Mark Scorpion

1120 79

Bob Kolb

1446 99

Dean Young

1143 80

Ken Kruluts

1070 77

Jeromy DeBord

1450 99

Rob Bell

1441 98

Adam Byers

1502 05

Bill Newton

1036 75

John Alpizar

1050 75

Pat Labrada

1053 75

Rick Snyder

1061 76

Frank Ravella

1059 76

Robert Mize

1051 75

Denny Paven

1016 74

Kendall Hayes

1145 80

Jeff Boucek #1190
Financial Advisor

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