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What are the various alumni groups associated with Psi Chapter?

There are three alumni bodies which serve to promote the wellbeing of the chapter. 

1.  Psi Diamond Association, Inc. (PDA)
2.  Psi Chapter House Corporation (HC)
3.  Psi Chapter Diamond Association Charitable Foundation, Inc. (CF)

What is the Psi Diamond Association, Inc.?


The PDA makes up the main body of alumni with a mission to encourage the continued assistance of Psi alumni to foster the social, spiritual, and economic rebuilding of the Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.  The Diamond Association was established at the chapter’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in 1936.  The PDA, by definition, is a support organization of the alumni for the chapter.  That mission includes the encouragement of participation in Psi activities which does include fund raising.  The PDA consists of Betas who continue to believe in and want to continue to support the values and purposes of Beta Theta Pi and Psi Chapter.

What is the purpose of the PDA?


The purposes of the PDA include: 

-          Assist the House Corporation with general maintenance and supply needs over and above the normal expenses supported by the rent.

-          Provide support for the active chapter in any capacity required such as fund raising; alumni communications; recruiting (formerly called rush); pledging scholarship assistance; attendance at General fraternity events, conventions; etc.

Are donations to the PDA tax deductible?

While donations to the PDA are not tax deductible, their use is unrestricted.   Donations to PDA can be “ear marked” according to the donors wishes or if not indicated otherwise, used in a manner of greatest need.

Are there PDA membership requirements?

What are these requirements?


Membership to PDA requires that you first be a member in good standing of Beta Theta Pi General Fraternity.  As such all Psi Chapter alumni are asked to give annually to the PDA. 

R.D. Hurl wrote in his 1935 letter announcing the formation of the PDA:

"No definite membership fee has been set.  This has purposely been left open so each fellow can make the fee to suit his pocketbook."

Brother Forrest H. Kirkpatrick ’27 #365 wrote the following of PDA membership. 

“The Psi Diamond Association is an organization made up of our “Silver-Grays” and members of our chapter.  Its purpose is to provide a continuous interest in, and support for the active chapter, by these who have been privileged to membership.  The membership is purely voluntary and dues are not in the form of assessment ….”

Current day donations are typically in the $25 to $500 range of contribution or service.  Note that a donation directly to the CF or the HC would be considered as credit towards PDA dues for that calendar year.

Do I have to be a member of the PDA in order to participate in any of the other two alumni groups?


In order to participate in the CF, for instance, our Bylaws state that in any given year, each member must have made a contribution to the PDA in the preceding calendar year.

Participation and voting then in the other alumni groups (CF or HC) first requires membership to the PDA or contributions to either organization starting the year prior this involvement.

What is the Psi Chapter House Corporation?

The Psi Chapter House Corporation (HC) is organized (Incorporated in 1922) for the purpose of owning and financing the real property of Psi Chapter.  This corporation serves as the landlord for the Psi chapter house and oversees the management, repairs and maintenance of the chapter house.  Funds for the HC are generated primarily from the rents collected, although it has been supplemented by the generous donations of many alumni.

What is the Psi Chapter Diamond Association Charitable Foundation Inc.?

The Charitable Foundation (CF) was incorporated August 8, 1978 for the purpose of supporting Bethany College and other such worthy charitable purposes and objectives.  This entity also provides a vehicle for tax deductible contributions since the CF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.  It provides for a perpetual charitable foundation in which the corpus is invested and reinvested by our investment committee and the interest income is distributed for scholarships, Bethany College donations, support for our real property investments, and other approved purposes of the CF.

Additional details about the CF can be found on this website:

What level of giving is typical to the CF?

While there is no set dollar minimum for donations to the CF, your choice of giving to the CF should be based on the purpose of the CF, while taking advantage of the favorable tax treatment.  Please consult your tax or financial advisor for advice on how you may benefit from the tax exempt status of the CF.  Note that donations to the CF may be restricted - unlike those funds given to the PDA, and may only be distributed according to the Bylaws of the CF.

What is the Men of Principle initiative?

Men of Principle is a partnership between undergraduates, alumni, and the General Fraternity to ensure long-term chapter success, which is grounded in Self-Governance and the Principles of Beta Theta Pi. To learn more about the Initiative, contact the Administrative Office at 800-800-2382 or visit the Beta website at:

Why is $10,000 needed and what will it be used for?

The General Fraternity requires a balance of $10,000.00 to be placed in an account at the General Fraternity specifically designated for Psi Chapter along with a commitment to annually fund this account as needed for the purpose of chapter leadership development.  Specifically, a full delegation of Psi Chapter participants to experience leadership programs (i.e. the Institute for Men of Principle, Beta Wilderness Challenge, UIFI, etc) will be an integral part of the active chapter management.

Donations to this fund are sent directly to the Administrative Office in Oxford, Payable to Beta Leadership Fund, with restriction to Psi Chapter.  All balances and interest accumulated are used only for Psi Chapter.  These donations are tax deductible.

I’m interested in helping with my time, talent and treasure.  Where do I find out what is going on?

Excellent.  You’ve already arrived at the best source of current information, needs and news – the Psi Beta website.   Check out the current list of advisors and recolonization team members.  Contact one today – we definitely need all the help and support we can muster – and this is not limited to Psi Chapter Betas or even Betas at all. 

Are you registered?  Please click here to register.

Where can I find out more about the things that actives and advisors should be aware – reporting, costs, publications, resources, etc.

Please check out the Beta Theta Pi website - it is vast and very complete.

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Travis Fischer, Beta Theta Pi Colony Educator

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Non-Tax Deductible
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Make check to: Psi Chapter Diamond Association Charitable Foundation, Inc. Psi Diamond Association, Inc.
Psi Chapter House Corporation
Mail to: co/Deno P. Emili
545 Clemson Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15243
Deno P. Emili, Treasurer
545 Clemson Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15243
Donate On-line:
If you have a preference, please indicate how you wish your funds to be applied. Thank you!


PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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Last updated: March 04, 2014