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June 26, 2008
Dear Brothers,

I have received one of the greatest opportunities of my life. I have been blessed with the gift of walking and mobility, I hope much like yourself.  Imagine if you had to walk miles a day on your hands or crawling on hands and knees, living in back corners and huts because society not only will not help you and it also completely rejects you. This would be a horrible feeling, to be un-cared for, and not even cared about. One day, My Professor Jim Forbes talked to me about a mission. “What do you think about going to a 3rd world country and helping.” I instantly agreed, this is a dream come true, a country I never would visit and humbling myself by helping others. Where, when, what, who, and how were all questions in my head, Jim answered them all and he is the long and short of it.

Free Wheelchair Mission ( ) is a nonprofit God driven organization that donates custom wheelchairs (costing about $50 a chair) to countries that don’t take care of their people like our great United States of America. Humans helping humans, doing onto other like you would want done on to you. FWCM and I will be going to Vietnam in September to hand out over 50,000 chairs to children, women, and handicaps that have never been able to walk.

I want to help make a difference! I want to make these peoples lives easier!

I will be making a video documentary of the entire trip. I have been promised local coverage when I get back into the states. We all have seen the summer issue of Beta Theta Pi magazine where several brothers went to Africa for a mission trip. I can be that brother. A Psi Beta once again going beyond the call of duty. Brothers this will completely change my life.  As Betas, we always are asked be friendly in service. What is a better chance of living out our principals than to put our words into effect and truly help others.

I need to raise $2300 to cover the cost of the trip. I am asking for your help and contributions to allow me to help thousands of people. Donations are to be made to;

The Vineyard Church
Attn. Chris Figaretti
135 Waddles Run Road
Wheeling, WV 26003

Chris Figaretti wrote me stating, “As far as an organization to make the checks out to… we are running everything through the Vineyard Church. Have people right their checks to The Vineyard Church and then write Korey Mullin– Vietnam In the memo line. That way, all gifts are tax deductibleOn our end, we will set up an account for you and all the money that comes in will go toward your trip, and any extra you can direct for Donations.”

Please brothers, help me do this. Help me change the view of my life and help me change the view of these peoples lives. Visit the website, watch the video, and see how these people live. There are also some Youtube videos that explain a little more about the details of this great mission. Check out the videos! They really help explain this amazing organization. Thank you!

Yours always in ___kai___,
Korey “CHOPS” Mullin
# 1508
(724) 516-4443

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