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purpsm.gif (6133 bytes) March 13, 2003
From: Psi Alumni Management Team
Re: Minutes from Conference Call on 3/13/03 at 11:30am EDT


Art Bertol, Dean Lesiak, Deno Emili, Vince Mikolay, Mark Bado, Byron Shindler

Discussion Points:

How do we move forward?

a.  Avoid brainstorming on conference calls.  Use the time to assign tasks and sub-committees and return to discuss findings.  Assignees will recruit and draft individuals to help with their task.
b. Communicate sooner, more often, and better with our alumni.  Begin planning for Fall Homecoming 2003 in time to publish Psi information with the announcement from the college.
c. Our alumni want to know more about what happened.  Draft a document that lists the timeline leading up to the closing of the house.  Vince and Art. B will use their notes and calendar to reconstruct events.

Mission Statement and Consistent Message

Vince will draft a document by Wednesday, 03/26/03 for review.  Responses are to be received by Monday, 3/31 via e-mail.  A conference call will be scheduled later that week to discuss the draft.

Alumni Weekend, April 25 - 27, 2003

The event is coming up very quickly and we do not have time to adequately prepare.   Therefore, no formal event is scheduled.  Deno Emili is planning to be available on-campus to answer questions

Status of the Chapter House

The Psi Chapter house is closed.  No event is planned in the house for alumni weekend. The house will not be open during alumni weekend for many reasons including insurance concerns, utilities, lack of furnishings, and the overall condition of the house.  If the house will not be open, we need to tell our alumni why.   Deno and Art M. will work on a statement.

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