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Doug Miller '77 #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association

November 23, 2005


I am pleased to announce that Ron Varga, class of 2002 and Jeramy DeBord, class of 1999, have agreed to join the Psi leadership team.  Ron will serve as the interim secretary and Jeramy as interim vice president of operations, pending their formal election in the spring.  In these roles Ron and Jeramy will provide the breadth and depth of leadership needed as we continue the re-colonization process and prepare for the re-emergence of Beta Theta Pi as the greatest fraternity on the Bethany College campus.

Ron and Jeramy join a large team of Psi Betas who have been instrumental in preparing for the upcoming ‘Bid Day’ in January when we will be taking our first pledge class in three years.  Their youth, enthusiasm and dedication to Psi Chapter will be a welcome addition to our team. 

Ron and Jeramy represent a ‘new’ era of Betas that are getting actively involved in Psi Diamond.  Along with Bob Kolb 99’ on the House Corporation they will help us to better understand and communicate with the group of young men that will become our Brothers in January of 2006.  Hopefully their involvement will spur other Brothers to get involved to make Psi Chapter one of the strongest Alumni groups in the country.

Among other responsibilities we will be focused on three key initiatives outlined during the Psi Diamond meeting at Homecoming:

1.      Mentoring – Identifying and assigning alumni volunteers to mentor the new active Psi Betas,

2.      Internships – Identifying alumni that can provide meaningful internship opportunities for deserving Psi actives, and

3.      Financial Incentives – Developing a program that fosters and rewards the ideals outlined in the Men of Principle initiative and rewards graduating Betas for excellence in academics, stewardship of the house, and on campus leadership.  The goal would be to provide financial incentives to graduating Psi Betas that have achieved exemplary status, for themselves, Psi Chapter and Bethany College.

A hearty welcome to Ron and Jeramy and a continued thank you to the remainder of our administrative team for your tireless work!

Yours in – kai-,
Doug Miller '77 #1075

President, Psi Diamond Association

P.S.  There are other positions left to fill.  Please visit the Recolonization Team Page for a list of the current team members and a list of positions we need to fill.  We hope some brothers will step forward to fill these important positions on the team.

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