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dougm.jpg (41854 bytes)Homecoming 2006
Doug Miller '77 #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association

September 22, 2006


Homecoming is only a couple of weeks away and we are making final preparations for what should be a great event for Psi Chapter. We look forward to seeing all Betas but in particular our Brothers from the class of 76'. Beta Theta Pi has much to celebrate as we move forward. Thanks to the generosity of the Brothers our House has never looked better. We have a very strong and committed group of Actives that continue to make us all very proud. And we will be extending another four bids in the coming days to worthy upperclassmen.

Our Founding Father class is anxious to meet you. They have an interest in hearing stories from the 'Betas of Old'. And no doubt they won't be disappointed.

One very IMPORTANT item for all of us to remember is that Psi Chapter is a DRY House. There is no alcohol or tobacco permitted on the property. The active chapter does a great job of policing themselves and living the Men of Principle initiative. As alumni, we too must exhibit the same behavior as Men of Principle. We must live by the same rules; we must set the proper example.

We will have beer at the alumni game and most of us will enjoy a beer at Bubba's. But let's make sure that when we choose to visit the house, we don't take any alcohol with us.

Lastly, we will be taking a donation from all alumni Brothers to defray the cost of the barbecue and tent. The cost of this year's activities is comparable to years past and we would appreciate your stepping up to support the effort. If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me.

Yours in – kai-,
Doug Miller '77 #1075

President, Psi Diamond Association

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