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dougm.jpg (41854 bytes)Big Brother Program
Doug Miller '77 #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association

March 6, 2006


The Problem – We have a unique situation with the induction of the Psi Founding Fathers class. These 13 young men appear to have plenty of energy and enthusiasm but one thing they don’t have is the benefit of a Fraternity House full of actives to demonstrate Brotherhood and provide Friendship and Fidelity. We need to find a way to provide a stronger link to the Brothers and the past.

The Big Brother program is designed to develop a close connection between the alumni and the incoming Founding Father class. We can demonstrate what it means to be a Brother. We can ensure that these young men understand some history and folklore of those that came before them.

The Solution – We need 13 volunteers to be Big Brothers for these young men. We already have five volunteers, but before we make any assignments we need eight more alumni volunteers. The commitment is not significant but will be invaluable. After all, think back on what your Big Brother meant to you in understanding what Brotherhood was all about.

Responsibilities of Big Brothers:

  1. Communicate with your little brother regularly. (Call, e-mail, and visit if possible).
  2. Listen to concerns or questions and provide support and encouragement.
  3. Help set goals and measure progress.
  4. Recognize achievements, milestones, & birthday.
  5. Work with the advisor team.

Time is of the essence. Activation is scheduled for April 2. Call or e-mail now!

Yours in – kai-,
Doug Miller '77 #1075

President, Psi Diamond Association

PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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