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December 15, 2006

To the Parents of a New Founding Father of PSI Chapter of Beta Theta PI,

Greetings and Happy Holidays!  I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and in full Holiday Spirit.  I am writing each of you to attempt to keep you informed as to the activities and overall status of the Beta Theta PI Colony at Bethany College, of which your son is a new Founding Father. 

As you are aware, a milestone was reached with not only the re-opening of the PSI chapter, but the initiation of the New Group of Founding Fathers, and the re-opening of the Beta House at Bethany.  The Fall Semester is at a close, and your Son’s have been very active and created quite a presence on the Bethany Campus.  In the words of a High Ranking Administrator at Bethany, “Beta has become the Standard for Fraternity Life at Bethany”.

For your information, there is a Chapter Meeting weekly at the Beta House.  An Alumni Advisor is present for every meeting.  Notes are taken and distributed among the Advisor Group and we discuss the needs and issues surrounding your Son’s College and Fraternity life at Bethany.  Even though currently small in number (7 Actives living in the Fraternity House), Beta competed in every competition on Campus this Fall Semester.

Consider the Following:

  •  Korey Mullin won the “Big Man on Campus” Competition.

  • Beta won the Window Painting Contest.

  • Took 2nd Place in the “Mocktail’s” Contest. (Non-Alcoholic Drinks).

  • Competed in the Homecoming Parade Float Contest.

  • Came in 3rd Place in the Greek Week Competition (Competed with 3 people due to the others being tied up with Football).

  • 1st Place in the Belly Flop Contest.

  • 1st Place in Greek Sing (This group continues the tradition of Singing PSI Chapter).

I can tell you with all sincerity, your Son’s are active and very busy, with lots on their plate.  They embrace it, and have a wonderful, contagious attitude toward Beta, and College Life in general.  As I told my counterpart advisors after attending one of the Chapter meetings, I would be proud to have any one of them as my Son. 

I continue to be enthused, and renewed each time I go to Bethany and interact with the Beta’s.  Be proud of your Son.  They are doing good things, with much more to come.

I hope you will not hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions.

I am proud to be a Beta.


Tim Redman
Parent Advisor
Class of 1975

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