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David Cottington

Actives Initiation Restores Beta Walk
David Cottington '79 #1121
Chapter Counselor

April 12, 2007
Updated April 16 (below)


The initiation of the 7 pledges of the Alpha class will take place this Saturday, April 14 between 7:30 and 8:00PM. The ceremony will take place along the Beta Walk. Some of the old timers will remember the Beta Walk located along the Buffalo. The actives have been working on re-establishing the trail; cutting down brush, etc. to make it passable. I will be leading the pledge class down the trail for the ceremony. I don't think there is a lot of room for alumni to stand and watch, but after the ceremony, having some alumni present at the house to welcome the new brothers would be appreciated.

Our actives are very busy. This is part of the problem we have with a small active membership. They have lots to do and few hands. This will be a lot better next year when we have 13-14 actives in the house.

Monday, April 9 was the Big Brother Ceremony. Next Sunday, April 15, we will have officer nominations. The brothers are also having their Philanthropy for the Lance Armstrong Foundation on the 18th with a Poker tournament, raffle, and carnival games. The Psi Diamond association pledged $250 to get them started which is very much appreciated by the actives.


April 16, 2007 Update


Initiation was scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2007 at sunset. The actives had planned on holding the Initiation along the Beta Walk that they have spent a lot of time rebuilding. Unfortunately, several things took place that forced a postponement. First the weather was horrible, cold rain causing the trail to be somewhat slippery and impassible. Secondly, one of the pledges was at a track meet in Slippery Rock and would not be able to get back until 11 pm. The Actives decided that it would be best to hold the Initiation this Wednesday April 18th, at 9 pm along the Beta Walk.

I had the opportunity to take a stroll down the Beta Walk to see what they have accomplished. Truly amazing. They cut down, removed roughly a quarter mile of trees and brush along the Walk. The Walk opens up to a clearing, and they built a small bridge over a creek that feeds the Buffalo. In the clearing are three posts for the Beta Lanterns to be placed and a large fire pit. It really is something to see. Brandon Curtis's mother and father made the Beta lanterns. Mrs. Curtis made the fronts out of stained glass. Since they did not have enough robes they purchased sheets and rope to make their own. They have started their own tradition of wood burning the classes activation numbers on the plank of the bridge and will continue the tradition for every class that comes after them. From the bridge building story. If anyone can attend this Wednesday they are more than welcome. The Curtis's again are owed a huge thank you.
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