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Mentoring, Internships and Career Networking

Identifying career interests and finding your first job is an area where most young men struggle. This can be one of the toughest areas for Psi Actives to break through. Yet Psi Alumnae have done an incredible job of building fine careers and attaining success in diverse and challenging careers.

Psi has never had a formal program to assist our young men with career pursuits. Many of us remember one great Psi Beta that did this on an informal basis; Forrest H. Kirkpatrick was famous for taking select Brothers and giving some special attention and career assistance. Unfortunately this program was limited in scope. As with many things involving Psi Chapter, we can do better to help our young men get a start in life.

Iím very pleased to announce that Dave Egan, class of 1979 has volunteered to coordinate a program that will seek to link the position, experience and connections of our Alumni group, over 900 strong, to support the career counseling and networking that is such an important part of the education process. Details of the Psi initiative will follow but Daveís efforts will augment what Bethany College currently provides to graduating students. It will likely include a process to match Actives interests and field of study with Alumni that have experience to share. Hopefully it may also provide a clearinghouse of internship opportunities to which Psi Alumni can at least open a door.

With Psi Betaís in prominent positions in various industries throughout the United States, we have a great opportunity to counsel and assist these young men as they work through challenging curriculum and prepare for life in the real world. Who better to turn to than an interested and committed alumnus that has walked the same path!

Dave is certainly one of our most gifted communicators and is uniquely qualified to lead this effort. Please welcome Dave to this key position and fully support his efforts. Thank you.

Yours in _kai_,
Doug Miller '77 #1075

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Last updated: February 27, 2014