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April 28, 2003

purpsm.gif (6133 bytes) To: The Brothers of Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi
From: Deno P. Emili, President, Psi Diamond Association
Re: Alumni Weekend 2003

As many of you know, I visited Bethany last Saturday and took up “residence” at the House for several hours to meet any interested alumnae (including any of the Brothers who were recently converted to alumni status by virtue of the closing of the Chapter).

I was heartened by visits from Don Cloudsley (class of ’49) and Alden White (class of ’38), who was accompanied by June Galley Taylor.  I was saddened by the fact that no one else stopped by.  I can only hope that this is an indication that our message and mission had already been spread to all those with interest.

As can be expected this time of year, the grass was about eight inches high, was overgrown with dandelions and there was a lot of trash around the lot.

In that regard, I did speak to several local residents.  I paid a young man from the neighborhood, Ziven McWilliams, $50 to pick up all the debris and cut, trim and rake. He had worked three hours when I left and was just finishing the front. He was doing a nice job.  I told him that I’d see if I could get him the job going forward at $20-25 per week.   Also Ziven’s step father offered to do some maintenance work inside if we needed it - apparently he’s a one-man fix-it company.

John Cunningham stopped by (I had spoken to him earlier up on the Hill about everything Beta in general) and offered to weed and seed for free this week if we wanted him to.  I will leave these decisions to Art Musicaro.

A couple local residents who happened along had mostly nice things to say about the House and the men who had lived there recently, but they pointed out that the trash hadn’t been picked up in months and rats were now in residence.  I promised to work with ownership to get that resolved.

I was fortunate to have a chance to speak briefly with President Poteat.  It was merely a “keep the lines of communication open”, “thanks for your help” type chat; worthwhile and encouraging.  I believe she will continue to be a great asset to the College and to our efforts.

Finally in the interest of Freedom of Speech and objectivity, I print below a message which I found posted at a number of locations around campus.   Resisting the urge to pull them down, I retrieved only the copy which had apparently been affixed to the front door of the House, which I found wet and crumpled in the front yard: 

Last of the Psi’s

Betrayed on all fronts we were stabbed in the back
Conveniently forgotten, and slipped through the crack

The spineless whispers of those who conspired
Fueled the hateful flames of our raging fire

Outside the circle of Psi's there is little trust
Because we were treated unfairly, and no doubt unjust

With excruciating pain we met the task at hand
Kicked out of our house and moved to strange land

No longer a Fraternity, we still remain brothers
Now, fading ghosts, we are the outcasts of others

But never ever, will the memory of the Dragon be forgotten
We are mysterious and complex, with our future still plotting


This is all respectfully submitted,
--- kai --- Brother Emili, 1100

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