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  Psi Chapter House Corporation Projects January 2006  

Project  / Vendor


Status / Budget

Interior Painting

Perfection Painting - Wheeling

Project was expanded to included extras for

          wall/ceiling/door frame scrubbing and

          dry wall repairs



Budget:  $7,500

Cost totaled $9,300

Electrical General

United  Electric - Wheeling

Outside lighting:  wiring and fixtures now operational.

Met with the United electric.  Plan is to

          replace the small unit heaters in the entry ways (seems these are not the correct units for the electric run)

          replace the electric base board heaters in the laundry room, kitchen area, public restroom, and shower room 

          replace all the dorm room ceiling fixtures w/ 4 bulb florescent style

          general review of all electrical, smoke and fire alarm function

This work to be done by 12/31/05.  We will be invoiced upon job completion


Outside work complete



Budget:   $5,500.

Final Cost: pending completion

House Doors Replacement

BC Physical Plant

Orien Hunter

Doors and lock sets have been ordered.  Deposit to lumber yard made. 

The metal alley door has been found to be nonstandard and a best method replacement plan is still pending.

Medico lock/key system of BC to be used on all doors


Doors on order.


Budget:  $7,500

Final Cost:

HVAC – Heat Pumps

Standard Air – Pittsburgh

Rob Suttle

The HC has decided to replace all existing HVAC heat pumps with new units. The winning bid from Standard Air, Pittsburgh for $8,654 was accepted. This work has been approved and is scheduled to complete prior to the recolonization team's arrival on January 15, 2006.


Elk Air was asked to bid on this project and to refurbish spares.,p-3ae.pdf

Units on order.


Budget:  $15,350

Final Cost:

Window Covering

Optimum Blinds - Chicago

The window treatment firms used by the college have been obtained and will be contacted.  Most of this project is expected to be completed by the time the team arrives at the house mid-January.



Budget:  $2,000.

Final Cost:

Attic Insulation Repair

BC Physical Plant

BC maintenance has been retained to repair insulation in the attic. This was removed when a waterline broke and was subsequently repaired two years ago



Wireless Internet Service

BC IT Director, Jeff Devlin


Internet phone service

The HC has given Devlin the go ahead to have this work done by January 15.

Preliminary cost estimates are $5,000 for a wireless arrangement.
D. Lesiak has made a donation to cover this project.


Pending with this project is a potential General Fraternity Grant since this falls within the bounds of educational equipment.

Tied to this project is phone service to the house.   Now being investigated.


Project underway



Budget:  $5,000

Final Cost:

Boiler system

BC Physical Plant

Boiler was not operating properly; Ted, Marvin and Bill from BC are on this problem.  Some of the operational heating units have been turned on.  Oil filled electric heaters are on and key locations. Doors of rooms which have no heat have been closed.




Budget:  $7,500

Final Cost:


General Plumbing /

Toilets / Shower partitions

H.E. Neuman (D. Wagenheim)

Plumbing - need all urinals operational; showers working

Critical work to be complete by mid Jan.


Budget:  $7,500

Final Cost:


Jamison Carpets – Wheeling

Sean Jamison


Plan is to carpet the library, chapter room and hall way; replace floor tile as needed.  A quote for this project is pending.


New commercial systems now use direct glue down 2’x2’ carpet tile.

This enables replacement as needed and option to mix and match as needed. This might be the way to go with future carpet installed at the house.




Budget:  $7,000.

Final cost:

General House Cleaning

Apollo or Panhandle Cleaning

Plan is to clean the brick and concrete hearth, all light fixtures, windows and really work on the floors.  Professionally cleaning the house at this critical juncture is important to the rush and marketing effort.



Budget:  $5,000

Final Cost:

Exterior Work:

Landscaping/Flag pole

Volunteer work crew did much of the preliminary work

Details of a possible donation pending of pole and flag from Dr. R. Hurl.


Budget:  $3,000.

Final Cost:

General House Furniture

University Loft – Chicago 

Dorm room furniture / General house: couches, chairs

Phase one would be to make due with the existing furniture:  cleaning and/or replacing covers; making repairs as possible.



Budget:  $3,000

Security Camera

BC Security and IT Dept.

Investigation and review of installing a camera system in the Beta house was done with campus security.  All college owned dorms now have this system in place in public areas.  There is currently room on the BC system.


This project is now tabled until other key projects are completed.


Budget:  $3,000

House Decorating


The HC will investigate possible Beta related decorations.

Special interest:  Coat of Arms (similar to the Alpha Chapter in Oxford); Beta Portraits; flags; plaques; etc.


Budget:  $3,000




A.  Major projects to be completed by Recolonization Team move in.

1.        Heating units to be installed and operational
Boiler in operational condition.

2.       Plumbing to be fully operational:  all urinals operating; sink and shower fixtures operating

3.       Internet connection complete and operational

4.       Phone service in the house (direct or internet)

B.  Near term projects that new class can anticipate (if not completed first semester 2006).

1.        Shower and main bathroom refurbished:  floor leveling / ceramic tile / partitions.

2.       Window decorating

3.       All damaged doors replaced.

C.  Future projects that will be explored once all critical projects are complete and positive cash flow is established.

1.        General social area furniture replacement

2.       Alley parking lot drain upgraded/improved

3.       House decorating improved – entry hall wainscot

4.       Entertainment equipment upgrades

5.       House security camera

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