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Psi Chapter House Cleanup Team
November 22, 2003

Event Photos

Cleanup Team
Top row: David Cottington, Mark Sniegocki, Bud Long, Frank Carney, Scott Brooks, J.R. Wright
Middle row: Pat Horbak, Jim Pool, Tim Redman, Doug Selwyn, Dean Young, Val Gundling
Bottom row: Jeff Tomer, J. U. Davis, Blake Rowe, Bil Railing, Art Musicaro, Doug Stein, Art Betrol
Recon Cleanup Video (wmv) 1 minute - 2.9MB download
psighall.bmp (2359350 bytes)The Great Hall Is Back!
This makes great Windows wallpaper.
High resolution bitmap (bmp)

The cleanup team left their signature in the photo. 
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