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cleaning.jpg (2439 bytes)Psi Chapter House Cleanup 2005

Time: Saturday, September 17, 09:00 AM (Be a LaLa)
Place: Psi Chapter House
Goal: Clean the house & yard in preparation for the fall rush

Planned Tasks
Landscaping Outside: weed out everywhere,trim shrubs, trim trees away from the house and roof, trim branches along the walk ways, clean gutters, rake leaves, rejuvenate the river gravel in the shrub beds, stack and haul clippings. We could use a pickup truck or two.....

Cleaning Inside: This will be limited to cleaning windows and blinds. The contracted painters will clean all walls, ceilings and trim before painting. They may be doing their (phase one) work at the time of the cleanup.

Maintenance work inside: If time/labor allows,

  1. there is a small job in the attic that could be addressed - replace approx. 10' x 10' area of vapor seal (plastic sheeting) and thick rolled insulation - materials & tools needed.
  2. we can begin removing the damaged room doors in preparation for replacement.
What to Bring:
Tools for yard work - chain saw (gas if you can get some, oil), hedge trimmers; extension cord; garden rake, leaf rake, trim shovel, wheel barrel, trash bags, gloves, safety glasses, tec.
Inside: bucket, squeegee, rags, window cleaners anything else you think of
Maintenance Jobs: please call for details.

The cleanup team will convene a short meeting to communicate the upcoming plans for recolonization and to describe and prioritize key house improvement projects.

We would like to have at least twelve to fifteen helpers to easily complete the work listed for the day.

Please let us know if you can make it so we can properly prepare and keep you informed for this important event. 

Bring a Brother, wife or friend along with you.

Contact for the cleanup:
Art Bertol

* Thinking of our friends in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast.
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