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April 10, 2003

purpsm.gif (6133 bytes) To: The Brothers of Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi
From: Deno P. Emili, President, Psi Diamond Association
Re: FAQ / Q & A

In [an] attempt to give an overview of the recent occurrences and future plans for our beloved chapter, please allow me to take a brief minute from your day to address the FAQ.

Q: Why did we do what we did?
A: A group of brothers, including myself, very close to the situation, felt that the grades, financial status and comportment of the chapter had deteriorated to the point where it reflected badly on those of us who had gone before, depreciating our financial and spiritual assets.   This was the report as of last summer:

Recruitment: The chapter currently stands at six members in accordance with the records of the general fraternity.

Finances: The chapter currently owes $3,638.46 to the general fraternity and approximately $7,700 to the Psi Chapter House Corporation.

Academics: The chapter is currently 19 of 19 amongst student organizations on campus.

Pledge Education: Suspected hazing continues in the chapter, including line-ups, physical and mental abuse, alcohol use and the Shep Test.

Risk Management:  In the past two years, reported incidents have included kegs and marijuana use in the chapter.

Q: Is the mortgage on the house paid off?
A: Yes, the Psi Diamond Charitable Foundation saw fit to do that at last year’s homecoming meeting.

Q: Is the house being used now?
A: No, it is unoccupied and locked up, but there will minimal ongoing operation expenses such as repairs, utilities, security regardless.

Q: What can we look forward to?
A: We have a commitment from Bethany College president Patricia Poteat to support our return in 2-4 years, with the assistance of the general fraternity, based on its “Men Of Principle” initiative.

Q: What happens to the house in the meantime?
A: Although there will be no active chapter in the next few years, we are investigating possible uses for the house from now until then, including as a general college residence.

Q: What can I expect at alumni weekend?
A: The house will be closed [during] alumni weekend, but I will be at the facility from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to greet returnees.

Q: What are the current charitable foundation, house corporation and Psi Diamond Association account balances?

Foundation $398,746.00
Association $1,000.00
House Corporation * $1,891.00

* Current receivables (rents from spring and fall 2002) total over $10,000.00, while current miscellaneous payables are around $1,500.00

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Although we will continue to encourage and welcome financial contributions, more critical will be a highly visible presence, through our body of alumni and its organizations, of Brothers committed to spend the time and effort necessary to bring Beta Theta Pi back to Bethany.

Q: Who do I contact?
A: You can always visit the Psi Net site for information. I can be reached at:

    Deno P. Emili
    545 Clemson Drive
    Pittsburgh, PA  15243
    412-395-3441 (W)

Vince Mikolay, a former chapter President now working for the general fraternity, can be contacted at 1-800-800-BETA. Checks for the reduction of the chapters outstanding balance to Oxford of roughly $1,600.00 (down from an initial amount of over $3,600, as a result of alumni contributions to date) can be sent to Vince.  Psi Diamond donations can be forwarded to me.  Dean Lesiak (class of ‘73) is the contact for the foundation.

Thank you all again for your concern.

Deno P. Emili, 1100, class of 1978

PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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