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Mentoring Program
If you haven’t already heard, we’re initiating a mentoring program for the actives and we’re looking for anyone willing to volunteer their time to help these young men.  We have 14 brothers interested in this program so we need your help.

The format of the program is structured to support both in-person and virtual situations. It has been tailored after successful corporate and eMentoring programs.  The time commitment is in the hour per week range which would include email and phone communications. If the match allows for face-to-face meetings, the time may increase due to travel.

The intent of the program is to help guide your mentee through situations and questions they’ll be facing as they progress through their collegiate experience into the workforce. This is NOT intended to get your mentee a job with your company, but should the situation present itself, that would be OK too.

Here’s a brief of what’s planned for the program:

The goal of this program is to give the actives an avenue to obtain guidance and feedback from someone that has experienced what they’re about to go through; from completing their degree to landing a job. The relationship could also continue beyond that but that would be up to the individuals. The approach would be to match actives with volunteer alumnae based on degree plan of the active and career of the alumni. The communications would be through email and phone calls with face-to-face meetings depending on the location of participants. There would be a topic sent out periodically to both the active and the alumni meant to provoke thought and guide them through this process. Each relationship will develop its own course, the topics are meant as a guide not a mandate.

Here’s an initial draft of the topics:

 - Introductions…getting to know one another
 - Plan for the relationship and set goals
 - Resume review
 - Short-term career goals
      - Grad school or a job (seniors)
      - Internship/summer plans (juniors)
 - Long-term career goals
 - Progress/evaluation
 - Interviewing skills
 - Job search etiquette
 - Handling job offers
 - Networking to find a job
 - Maintaining the relationship

Please take the time to consider this and contact me here or call if you would like to volunteer.

Mark Genard '79 #1125
Psi Chapter Mentoring Program Administrator

LinkedIn membership is optional.  It is NOT required to participate in the mentoring program.
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Last updated: March 04, 2014