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Recolonization Update
January 2006

When should you be there?

Thursday, January 19, 6 PM
*** The Kick Off ***
Video Recruiting Presentation
Bethany Academic Parlor
Thursday, January 26, 6 - 8 PM
Bids hand delivered by 11 PM
*** The Big Night ***
Formal dinner and Loving Cup celebration
Psi Chapter House
Suit and tie required
Friday, January 27, 7 PM Bid Day - Welcome founding fathers
Psi Chapter House
Saturday, January 28, 1 PM Formal pledge induction ceremony
Psi Chapter House
Suit and tie required
Psi Chapter House Crest If you can't be there, how can you help?
dragonbullet.jpg (825 bytes) Make a donation (directions below) What is your donation for?
dragonbullet.jpg (825 bytes) Join the Psi Management Team in any capacity
dragonbullet.jpg (825 bytes) Become a Class Agent and contact your classmates
The Loving Cup (click here for the words and Singing Psi) How does recolonization work?
Visit Beta Theta Pi Expansion and Recruiting

Forgot the words to the Loving Cup?
Click here for the words and Singing Psi
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