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purpsm.gif (6133 bytes) May 14, 2003
From: Art Bertol
Re: Minutes from Meeting on 5/9/03


Art Musicaro and I met with the following Bethany College Staff for a lunch
meeting on Friday, May 9, 2003:

JOSEPH M. KUREY Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
JOHN S. CUNNINGHAM Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students
THEODORE D. WILLIAMS Assistant Director of Physical Plant
PERRY JONES Janitorial Manager

The meeting was called by Musicaro and Bertol in an effort to gain direction on optimal use of the now uninhabited Beta house and to determine the best plan in getting the house cleaned and repaired for use and/or mothball status.  Indicated at this meeting was the fact that Beta is closed and is expected to be available for possible college use for the next several years - no less than three.

Joe Kurey informed the group that the original needs for the house have now changed in that there are now fewer Freshmen than anticipated just a month or two ago.  Kurey indicated that there is now just one scenario that would have the college most interested in using the Beta house.  This case is if Phillips Hall is remodeled during the course of late summer and continuing into Fall Semester 2003.  This work now hinges on an endowment that is not certain at this writing.  Kurey indicated that the college should know what direction it will take by June 1.

Other spot or special event uses of the house were suggested by John Cunningham and Joe Kurey included:

  • Church Groups that frequently visit the old meeting house directly across from Beta
  • Camps through the summer - especially soccer groups that would meet on the fields nearby
  • Special events such as Homecoming and Alumni Weekend - overflow contingency for the Gresham house and the Erickson Alumni Center
  • Conferences needing or preferring same site housing

Joe Kurey stated that he nor the school would be interested in managing the property for these special events nor ongoing management (paying utilities, insurance, upkeep, etc.)

Discussion then moved to what to do about cleaning, repairing and maintaining the house.  We presented to the physical plant staff at the meeting the following needs:

  • House Cleaning (addressed to Perry Jones)
    a. Rough cleaning - removal of non-house furniture, junk, trash and general debris.
    b. Fine cleaning - cleaning floors, scraping corners, windows, preparing walls for painting
    Mr. Jones offered that he will submit a bid through Ted Williams for the above work
  • House Repairs (Doors, Painting, electrical, HVAC, bathrooms, showers,etc.)
    Ted Williams will draft a bid for work to be done to bring the house back into a usable and functional status.
  • Furniture
    Once the existing house furniture is inventoried, repaired or removed, there will be a need to furnish those rooms remaining.  The college did not indicate that any excess furniture is available, but did offer to allow Beta to purchase any needed items at their rates.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Security
    Perry Jones expressed interest in bidding on grass cutting and general landscaping.   Beta had already been contacted by a neighbor near the house - Steve Bodos, also interested in grass cutting work.  During a prior conversation with John Cunningham, a Randy Shaw that rents from John is interested in this work as well.   A decision on which one to use will be based on Mr. Jone's bid for doing this work.

Mentioned at a previous discussion and reiterated at this meeting was the fact that the physical plant staff has recently gone through a 'downsizing' and as such there were several previous staff that would be good workers and in need of work such as that at the Beta house.

House security was briefly discussed.  Agreed was that the locksets in the house outside doors would be changed over to the school's Medico system. Campus security would be capable of their daily checks and walk throughs of the building.

A tour of the Beta house was conducted after closing our meeting.  A room to room inspection was undertaken as well as inspection of the shower room, bath rooms, meeting areas and Great Hall.   Agreed was that Mr. Williams would return to the house at his convenience and submit a bid for all work indicated above.  Williams inquired whether a single lump sum or hourly rate would be preferred.   Suggested was that an hourly rate would be the fairest means to both parties.


The news that the college is not as interested in the house was disappointing.   The meeting though with the related college staff was very helpful in moving forward with getting the structure cleaned up and back in condition - regardless of the near term use.

Once the exact plans from Bethany College are determined and the expected costs to recondition the house are obtained, then we will know exactly what will be needed from our alumni organizations to meet these needs and goals.

Respectfully submitted,
Art Bertol

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