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dougm.jpg (41854 bytes)House Status, May 2008
Doug Miller '77 #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association

May 16, 2008


Art Bertol and I visited the house last night to review the status and plans for several projects. We did a walk through of the house and with the exception of a couple very minor problems with two doors everything looks great. These young men do respect the House and all that we are doing for them.

We met with John Cunningham while we were there and brought him up to date on plans for this summer and things that wed like him to be involved in as property manager. I believe this will work out very nicely with him on top of things for us. In addition to the property management role, he still maintains the yard and shrubbery and will be putting down weed control in the weeks ahead to give us a thick and full lawn. At present, no one is living in the house this summer. We will have 15 in the house next fall. That should mean a break even proposition with rents and expenses.

Chapter House Project Status

The flagpole project is just about complete. The only thing left to do is for Tim Curtis to drill the concrete and attach the plaque and some minor landscaping.

While we were there, Art staked out a location for a shed in the back corner of the yard. This shed will house spar air conditioning units that were previously stored in the old Campbell Hall (which will be torn down this summer.) it will also house extra furniture (outdoor furniture), maintenance equipment and anything else that is needed.

We also plan to remodel the kitchen this summer with a counter top donated by Ed Vangura. We plan to remove the non-working two burner stove and install new appliances and knobs on the doors.

Lastly, we would like to install lockers in the alcove as you walk into the bathroom so that up to 20 young men that live in the house will have a place to store their toiletries, out of the way and out of view.

As usual the house will receive a thorough cleaning this summer and we will do some general touch ups and repairs.

Thanks to everyone for your continued commitment and involvement.

Yours in – kai-,
Doug Miller '77 #1075

President, Psi Diamond Association

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