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dougm.jpg (41854 bytes)Initiation 2007
Doug Miller '77 #1075
President, Psi Diamond Association

April 19, 2007


We have seven new members of the PSI Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. Last night in a special ceremony Ian McNally, Randy Stuckwish, Eric Scheller, Frank Gomez, Geoff Clark, Doug Davidson and Brandon Essington were initiated into the roles of PSI Chapter. Several alumni including Val Gundling 75, Hank Hampton 06 and Doug Miller 77 were there to witness and actually participate in their induction.

Im very proud to say that the actives who conducted the ceremony did a fantastic job in the preparation and conduct of the initiation ceremony. Our active chapter has literally spent weeks uncovering the history of the Beta Walk along the Old Buffalo where the ceremony was conducted. To do this they spent countless hours clearing brush, cutting fallen trees and even building a treated wood bridge to cross a stream.

As a Beta, and especially an old-timer, I felt especially honored to be there, to be a part of this ceremony. And even though the exact nature and conduct of the ceremony may have changed over the years, the words, emotions and feelings of all involved remains the same.

I can not say enough about the young men that make up our Founding Father class that conducted the ceremony; Justin Elkins, Korey Mullin, Ron Ermlick, Matt Davis, Anthony Adelianakis, Brandon Curtis and even Adam Henning, who left Bethany this year and returned to be part of the ceremony. The thought of the work they did and the commitment they made to honor the lore and traditions of PSI was unbelievable.

We are genuinely fortunate to have all of these young men as Brothers. Snap, Snap Snap!

Yours in – kai-,
Doug Miller '77 #1075

President, Psi Diamond Association

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