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Honor Roll Inductees 2009


Whereas, the Memorial Honor Roll (MHR) has not been addressed in over 30 years, the Psi Diamond Association has charged that a special committee be assembled to revive this very important tradition and recognition of distinguished Psi Chapter alumni.
Selection Process Criteria: *
  1. A new honoree can be either living or deceased. The process would have a bigger impact if outstanding contributors to Psi Chapter can be recognized while alive to enjoy the award.
  2. Must have consistently contributed to Psi Diamond or Psi Chapter Charitable Foundation or Psi Chapter House Corporation in time or treasure or both.
  3. Must be nominated by a member in good standing of Psi Diamond and gain a majority vote in favor by the MHR selection committee.

* Criteria are subject to the Psi Chapter alumni approval and input is welcome.

The Psi Chapter Honor Roll Committee is very pleased to present the new class of 12 inductees as listed by their Psi Chapter roll numbers:
Name Honoree Roll # Bio. Comment
Forrest H. Kirkpatrick
Steel Industry and Corporate Directorships; BC Professor / Trustee;  Long time Psi booster
Ralph W. Whitehead
Wellsburg Architect ;  design for Beta House 2.
William L. Doepken
Wheeling business man;  House Corporation; Long time Psi Booster
Joseph C. Wylie
Executive, Helped create the Psi Chapter Charitable Foundation; long time Psi booster
James W. Daub
Attorney,  Instrumental in creating the Psi Chapter Charitable Foundation
William L. Young
Bethany Faculty, Chapter Advisor, House Corporation
Rodney Hurl
Bethany College Board;  Long time Psi Booster
Wayne Kirk
Data and rolls keeper of the Psi Chapter Rolls
William L. Chambers
House Corporation Member;  Bethany Business Owner
Fred H. Tilock
M.D.,  General Fraternity Officer; Bethany and Psi Charitable Foundation Benefactor
Neil Christman
Auto Dealer;  BC Trustee Long time Psi booster
Richard B. Kenney
Bethany College Faculty;  Chapter Faculty Advisor

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PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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