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Homecoming 2012 Fund Raising Challenge

On September 27, Doug Miller announced that a generous Psi Beta alum had offered a contribution of $1,000 in the event we were able to raise at least $1,000 to help Psi Diamond offset the costs of this year's Homecoming festivities. I am pleased to announce that to date (October 20) we have received contributions totaling $1,660.00 from the following Brothers:

Scott Brooks, Jim Godish, Jack Dumbaugh, Dave Cottington, George Hanlon, Dean Lesiak, Bob Mackenzie, Tom Kuhns, Art Bertol, Dave Butz, Rick Zarnoch, Doug Miller, Blake Rowe, Frank Carney, Byron Shindler, Art Musicaro, Bill Newton, Bob Mize, Deno Emili.

A special thanks to the Brother who will be writing Psi Diamond the thousand dollar check, as well as to Doug for leading the development effort and Dean Lesiak for collecting checks at Homecoming in our absence.

Deno Emili '78 #1100

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