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Psi Chapter House Corporation/Diamond Association Financial Update
Mark Bado '87 #1284, Psi Diamond Association & Psi Chapter House Corporation Treasurer
October 5, 2005

  1. We have received $10,156 for the re-colonization challenge.
  2. For the Capital Campaign we have received in pledges and donations the amount of $43,275 of which we received in Cash $39,375 (including $25,000 from the Foundation and $10,000 from Neil Christman).
  3. We have also received $600 for the homecoming food/activities and $200 for housing.
  4. All are bills are current.  I have paid Haus $522 for the postage but have not received and underwriting –Blake can you follow up on this?  We also have $47,444 in the bank which includes the $9,156 for the re-colonination funds for the National-(yet to receive a request for payment).
  5. I have sent copies of all the pledge card to Wayne Kirk so that addresses are current.
  6. Dr. Hurl will pay for a flag pole, flags, display cases and roll (sign in) books.
  7. I will send thank you notes to all those who have contributed financially over the next couple of days.
  8. The name of the linen company that we have used in the past was Wanta Linens 800-873-8926 and the cost is approx $100.

Have a great weekend
Mark A. Bado, CCM

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