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Common Terms and Jargon


Open Bidding—This is the time typically after formal recruitment in which chapters are able to extend bids to all eligible men on campus. There are no rules by the college restricting contact with the potential members. Typically, this coincides with the concept with “365 Recruitment”, in which chapters recruit continuously throughout the year


Formal Recruitment—Often known as “rush”. This is the period during the beginning of the semester in which formal recruitment events occur. It typically lasts for 2-3 weeks and consists of rules for events, contact, and bidding.


MPI—Commonly known as the Men of Principle Initiative. This is the model by which all new colonies and recolonizations are opened under. Its focus is to challenge to the chapter to live out our ritual through nine-goal areas including: Cultivation of the Intellect, Leadership Development & Self-Governance, Commitment to Community, Member Education, Responsible Personal Conduct, Chapter Advisors, Member Recruitment, Communication, and Lifelong Fraternal Brotherhood.


Induction—This is also referred to as “Pledge Induction”. The men who accept bids officially become pledges through the Pledge Ceremony and begin their education of the history and lore of the fraternity.


Initiation—This is when the pledges who have successfully completed their pledging into the fraternity become initiated brothers of Beta Theta Pi.


Advisory Team—This is the 5+ person advisory team who specifically advise and coach the chapter in the area of chapter operations. The 5 core advisory positions include: Chapter Counselor, Pledge Education Advisor, Risk Management Advisor, Recruitment Advisor, and Financial Advisor.


Housing Corporation—This is the board or committee that specifically focuses their efforts on the physical structure of the house. This is a separate entity from the Advisory Team or Alumni Association


Leadership Consultant—This is a full-time employee of the Administrative Office who works with the chapter to assists the chapter with ritual education, chapter operations, advisor education,  and leadership development. The Leadership Consultant typically visits the chapter 3-4 times per year.



Colony Educator—This is a full-time employee of the Administrative Office who works with a new colony to educate the founding fathers on the history and lore of the fraternity, assist in establishing chapter operations, and acts as a liaison between the General Fraternity, chapter advisors, alumni, and undergraduate chapter.


I-Week—This is the week directly preceding the initation ceremony. It is a 100% positive experience, free of hazing or degrading activities. It consists of the two pre-initiation ceremonies (Wooglin and Dragon), as well as a final test on the history of the fraternity.


Institute—Also known as “The Institute for Men of Principle”. This program is a 5-day values based leadership experience in Oxford, Ohio. The undergraduates explore their own personal values and those of Beta Theta Pi. The attendees take part in team-building and brotherhood activities that focus on Beta’s leadership and change movement.


BWC—Also known as “The Beta Wilderness Challenge”. This is a six-day journey in a remote area of North America featuring backpacking, hiking, rock-climbing, camping, and mountain navigation. Through the experience, the undergraduates learn about leadership, self-awareness, communication, and how the Beta Ritual applies to their daily lives.


CPLA—Also known as “The Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy”. This is a weekend experience for all chapter and colony presidents to travel to Oxford, Ohio for an intense 3 days of intense leadership training and networking with chapter presidents from across north America. At The Presidents Academy, presidents learn to become more capable and effective leaders, develop personal officer goals and design a framework for chapter success.


KeystoneThis program is also known as the Keystone Regional Leadership Conference. In its first year, the program is being implemented in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest. In future years it will be expanded to 8 sites across North America. The regional experience is for all chapter officers and focuses on tools and resources to be successful in their respective chapter position.


Leadership CollegeConducted during the Fraternity’s General Convention, this experience provides leadership training and education for up-and-coming leaders of Beta chapters and colonies.


Future’s Questhosted by the North American Interfraternity Conference, this two-day interfraternal institute is for newly-initiated fraternity members. Future’s Quest focuses on leadership development and personal leadership styles.


UIFI—The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, hosted by the North American Interfraternity Conference, is a five-day coeducational experience that focuses on personal and chapter values, leadership development, team building, and the art of building community.


PSI Diamond Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of PSI chapter alumni.
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