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S. Dean Lesiak '74 #1033

8/2/2009 06:08PM

No real news today except that the Prayer Breakfast is one that everyone should partake of sometime in their Beta life. It is a very touching event and one that makes you proud to be a Beta.

The young men of Psi were there in full force. That event concluded the Convention for the actives and all were happy to head to their planes or to the pool for some well deserved R & R. And rightly so as most of the actives and the young alums were up until 5:00AM, pool side at their hotel swapping Beta stories and experiences with Betas from San Jose State and several other colleges. What more could you ask for and what more would you expect. All of us are better Psi Betas, Betas and people for the experiences shared here over the last several days.

The young men (and do not forget the alumni support) worked hard to get to where they are today and they are all so proud to have the problem of carrying all that hardware home. (Art B -- you better be working on a place to hang all of their newly acquired awards.)

And hopefully, someone is thinking about how to celebrate their accomplishments?? The young men truly deserve the congratulations and recognition. As Tom Purinton stated to the assembled body last night at the Celebration Banquet, ".....historic Psi Chapter is back!!". Let's not ever go away again!!!

As it is 115^ this afternoon, time for a dip!!!!!

Brother Lesiak

PS: Plan on attending Psi Chapter's 150th Anniversary Celebration on June 18 - 20, 2010 on Bethany's Campus. The planning is working hard to make this an outstanding event that you will not want to miss

PSS: Mark your calendars for the 171st General Convention in Washington, D.C., August 5 - 8, 2010. Just a short drive for so many of you and an invaluable experience for all that attend.

PSSS: Byron -- be ready for an onslaught of pictures. The guys and their cameras have been busy the last couple of days.

8/2/2009 02:00AM

And the good news keeps coming!!

Tonight at the Celebration Banquet, the young men of Psi Chapter were awarded the Francis H. Sisson Award. This is the third time that Psi Chapter has won the Sisson. The award was presented to the Chapter (Eric) by P. Thomas Purinton, president of the Board of Trustees and Senator Richard G. Lugar. Eric look very proud as Senator Lugar presented him with the award. In his commenting on the award and announcing Psi Chapter as one of the winners, Purinton made the comment that " looks as though the historic Psi Chapter is back!!!!"

Yeah Baby, we are back!!!!

And the actives already have their sights on the John Reily Knox Award for next year!!

Speaking of next year, next year's National Conference is August 5th thru August 8th in Washington, DC. Mark your calendars as Psi Chapter should be able to there in large numbers. If you have never attended a National Conference, I would strongly recommend attending. It really rekindles the Spirit of Wooglin.

In another Banquet highlight, Vince Mikolay was call out as one of the five Directors within the Administrative Office staff who had a "significant role" in the early success in execution of the Men Of Principle program. The theme of this year's Celebration Banquet focused on the 10 Year Anniversary of the MOP program. A lot of Betas were recognized for their involvement in, and commitment to a program which resulted in the success and worldwide recognition of the program. We should all be proud of the vital role that Vince played in the program's success and the recognition he received tonight.

On a personal note, Suzy was serenaded tonight as a Beta Sweetheart, by the "Beta Four" quartet, from Oklahoma State. She was impressed, I was impressed and the other women at the MOP Anniversary Reception were impressed!! (Singing Psi needs to be a big part of the 150th Celebration, including sweetheart serenades for Beta Sweethearts throughout the event!!). And these guys could sing!!

That about wraps it up for tonight. Prayer Breakfast tomorrow morning, oops it ois already tomorrow (Sunday) morning!!


7/31/2009 6:19PM

And for the convention update that you have all been waiting for:

As of 4:15 (Phoenix time) you once again have a Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

The actives of Psi "Chapter" are right now a very proud group of young men. On their behalf, a sincere "thank you" goes out to all of you who have helped these men along their journey. You should all be very proud!!!!


7/31/2009 5:00PM

And the good news continues. But first let me apologize to David Cottington. David wrote an excellent letter to the Chartering Committee with his recommendation as District Chief to re-charter the Psi Colony at Bethany College. I should have mentioned it this morning, but had a senior moment. While David, due to circumstances beyond his control, could not be here in person supporting the Men he has worked so hard with, they know that he is here in spirit.
A heart felt "thank you" to David is in order. And I should say to everyone associated with the colonization and re-charting process: "thank you."

I also apologize to Rod Hastie for totally butchering his name in the earlier update. Psi Betas have a true friend and supporter in Rod. Many "clicks" to Rod. Be sure to thank him for all he has done.

Now to the immediate good news. Psi Chapter was well recognized at the Loving Cup Luncheon (just concluded) with the following awards:

•Charles Henry Hardin Award for Leadership Development

•Virginia Tech Award for Academics (highest GPA on campus)

•Risk Management Award for Leadership in Risk Management Practices

The young men did well and appeared very proud of their awards; and more importantly, what they accomplished to earn the recognition. I was honored to participate in the Loving Cup Ceremony with them.

As to attendees at this Convention, the following actives are in attendance:

Tom Kisner
Randy Stuckwish
Ryan Sipe
Bob Rovnanik
Eric Corrigan
Justin Costello
James Rucker
Marcus Santini
Dave Hartman
Geoffery Clark

Thank you CF and DA and others for making this happen!! Rest assured you are well represented.

Recent alums here lending support to the actives are:

Ian McNally
Ron Ermlick
Anthony Adeoinakis
Korey Mullin

Add to that list Blake Rowe and Vince Mikolay and you have a great group of individuals in support of Psi Chapter. We know that others are here in spirit as well!!

(Please excuse any name misspellings or name omissions. The list of "thank you's" is too long to type on a Blackberry. You know who you are and should pat yourself on the back for a job well done!!)

Thirty (30) minutes until the Legislative Session. Keep your fingers crossed. The actives are excited and looking at once again being Psi "Chapter"!!



7/31/2009 1:41PM

Men of Psi are on their way back!!! Psi Chapter had its peer review meeting this morning. Eric did an "excellent" job telling the Psi story in support of the re-charter application. Although a bit nervous; he was well prepared, confident and extremely articulate in his presentation of Psi's case for reinstatement. Ian McNulty, Rod Hastings, BOII Regional Executive, and myself were there for support. Vince Mikolay is here as well and while he was not at the peer review, he could be seen hard at work behind the scenes on behalf of the Chapter (Has anyone seen his face on a billboard on Times Square??).

The review committee was tough, but fair, in their questioning. All were well prepared to respond to their questions, and in my opinion, were overwhelming in the complete and concise nature of their responses and additional comments.

A lot of the review panel's focus was on the MOP approach to self-governance by the active chapter, they were also interested in the strong support, financial and otherwise of the alumni body. Combined it was a strong case for reinstatement of the charter. Topics covered in the approximate hour long session were:

Academics and Scholarship
Number of Actives
Pledge Process and Prospects
Bethany College Environment
Bethany's Support of the Greek System
Alumni Support

The next step takes place at 3:30 this afternoon when the recommendation of the peer review panel is presented to the Legislative Committee and the delegates to the Convention for a vote. And we are all hoping for a vote of approval, which I think will happen (Actually I think it is a slam dunk.) Keep your fingers crossed.

That is the Convention update as of the the time of this writing. Let me know if you have any questions or comments to pass on.

All-in-all there are about 15 Psi Betas here. I think 8 actives, 4 recent graduates, Ian, Vince, Blake Rowe for a short time yesterday and yours truly. I know that the rest of you are here in spirit.

Damn Glad To Be A Psi Beta!!!!


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